Join Me In Costa Rica May 22 – 28!

We’re about three months out from our 7 day Costa Rica Retreat and there’s still time to register. I’m often asked what this retreat will be like. As Costa Rica is one of the most beautiful and bio-diverse countries in the world, we will be spending time exploring as well as meditating. Spending time away from the busyness of our everyday lives and immersed in the lush green forests of Costa Rica, we will have the opportunity to loosen our often-stressful everyday preoccupations. Mornings will begin with silent meditation and mindful movement – in a beautiful covered pavilion surrounded by the sounds and colors of the cloud forest. Later, we will enjoy delicious organic meals and will have ample time to explore the gorgeous environment. Additionally, we will have an opportunity to serve in a community Renovation Project to support the local school followed by an authentic lunch in the village. Click here for more info and registration.

Two Night Online Meditation Retreat, October 22 – 24

October 22-24, 2021 – It is often said that for meditation practice to truly take flight, we need the two wings of compassion and wisdom. Join us for this two night online retreat starting Friday evening, October 22 and ending Sunday morning, October 24. Retreat will include meditation, dharma talks, instruction and discussion. All levels of experience welcome. For more information and registration, go here.

New Dharma Talk by Lisa Ernst

Sometimes our practice calls for active, intentional cultivation and other times simply letting go and allowing. By recognizing and making room for the dance between the two we can engage in balanced practice that embraces the fullness of the dharma.

New Dharma Talk – Exploring Groundlessness and Freedom when Life Throws a Curve Ball

Here we are again, whip lashed by the rise of the Delta variant just as many of us thought the worst of the virus was in the rear view mirror. How do we navigate with no reliable ground? This talk explores how to walk where there is no ground and how to find freedom even when the rug is pulled out from under your feet.

New Dharma Talk by Lisa – No Self and The Sense Doors

“Because of emptiness, all things are possible.” – Nisargadata How do we live it, or get to know this teaching experientially in our lives? Especially as the energy begins to “tip forward” toward reopening, reconnecting in person and resuming some elements of what we think of as normal. This talk includes a guided compassion meditation at the end.