New Dharma Talk: The Dharma of Inner and Outer Control

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“I think all of us have found, during the pandemic, that we have much less ocontrol over the external world than we imagine….but we have more control over how we respond to it.” – Pico Iyer

This talk explores were in our practice and lives we have control or agency and where we do not, as well as skillful to our response to each.

New Dharma Talk – Radical Empathy and Inner Compassion

This talk explores the practice of becoming one with the “other,” what we perceive as the unknown. Sometimes the “other” is ourselves – the parts we don’t know or see clearly. Maybe its the sadness that keeps arising, or the longing for something we can’t quite reach. The judgement or fear. To explore this with compassion and presence, we need a sense of safety but also courage.