New Years Half Day Intention Setting Retreat

Thursday, January 1, 9 a.m. – Noon 12 South Dharma Center Led by Lisa Ernst

“One of the Buddha’s most penetrating discoveries is that our intentions are the main factors shaping our lives and that they can be mastered as a skill.” – Thanissaro Bhikkhu


New Year’s resolutions based on goals rather than true intention are often forgotten within a few weeks or months. But the Buddha taught another way – that the journey to liberation begins with Right Intention. By cultivating Right Intention, a part of the Eightfold Path, we can align our actions with our most deeply held values. In this retreat we will consult the wisdom of our own hearts and look with fresh eyes at what truly matters in our lives. We will refine our direction for the New Year and create intentions that support our truest values and aspirations. Led by meditation teacher Lisa Ernst, the retreat will include periods of sitting and walking meditation, dharma talk and discussion. Cost is $35 and  you can pay through Paypal here. Alternately, you can bring your payment to one of our meetings or send a check, made out to One Dharma Nashville to: 12 South Dharma Center, c/o One Dharma Nashville, 2301 12th Avenue south, suite 202, Nashville, TN 37204. For questions, email

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