Spring Renewal Residential Meditation Retreat

The Path of Awakening

Bethany Hills Retreat Center, Kingston Springs TN

Thursday Evening, April 11 – Sunday Noon April 14

Early registration discount due by March 11

Led by Lisa Ernst


Each spring the earth awakens from its winter slumber. Surrounded by the fresh green of newly leafed trees and longer, warmer days, we will renew our minds and hearts in the simple yet profound practice of sitting and walking meditation.  Gradually this practice will penetrate all realms of our being as we awaken to this moment with deep gratitude and joy.

The retreat will be held at Bethany Hills Retreat Center, Kingston Springs, TN. Retreat cost  the cost is  $215. A reduced fee sliding scale spot is available if you need financial assistance. Please inquire for rates. Participation for all three days is required. There will be a separate opportunity at the retreat to make a *dana offering (donation) to the teacher. Two sliding scale spots are available for those who need financial assistance. Make your retreat payment to One Dharma Nashville and send to: One Dharma Nashville c/o 12 South Dharma Center, 2301 12th Avenue South, Suite 202, Nashville, TN 37204. Please include your email address. Paypal is also available here. Use the first “donate” button.

Lisa Ernst is the founder and guiding teacher at One Dharma Nashville. She began meditation practice in the late ’80’s in the Zen Buddhist tradition, studying closely with two Rinzai Zen  Masters and attending numerous mediation retreats. Lisa has also studied and practiced in the Theravada tradition since the late 90’s. She has been teaching since 2005 and was given full dharma transmission from Trudy Goodman in 2010 in the lineage of the Thai Forest tradition of Ajahn Chah.

*Dana: According to the Buddha, generosity, or sharing what we have, is one of the central pillars of a spiritual life. In the act of giving we develop our ability to let go, cultivate a spirit of caring, and acknowledge the inter-connectedness that we all share.

Please contact  onedharmaretreat@gmail.com for questions or to reserve your spot.

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